Associate in Fine Arts Theatre


For the student interested in pursuing a career in theatre, the Cottey College Fine Arts Department offers an Associate in Fine Arts degree.

Cottey College students participate in a variety of main stage productions that are chosen to provide opportunities specifically to young women such as the Cottey College production of the acapella musical As It Is In Heaven, as well as classical productions such as Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Euripede’s Women of Troy

Contemporary plays centering around women’s experience and issues such as the comedy Dixie Swim Club or the interactive play The Anastasia Trials In The Court of Women are also produced.

Students will take two years of classes that will prepare them in theatrical study, training, and on-stage, hands-on personal experience necessary for pursuing a liberal arts degree in theatre.

Cottey College students will prepare for successful transfer into theatre and speech programs at senior institutions.

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Sample Schedule for AFA in Theatre


Year 1 Fall Spring
ENG 101 College Writing 1 3 ENG 102 College Writing 2 3
MAT 103 College Algebra 3 History course 3
THE 110 Stagecraft 3 THE 122 Performance of Lit 3
THE 101 Introduction to Theatre 3 THE 177 Event Technology 2
THE 181 Theatre Production 1 THE 181 Theatre Production 1
Elective 3 MUS 120 Voice 1
DAN 145 Improvisation 1
Total: 16 Total: 14
Year 2 Fall Spring
ENG 310 Shakespeare 3 The 251 Children’s Theatre 3
THE 131 Dramatic Literature 3 THE 255 Scene Design 3
THE 181 Theatre Production 1 THE 181 Theatre Production 1
MUS 120 Voice 1 THE 294 Stage Management 3
DAN 136 Musical Theatre Dance 1 Women’s Studies course 3
Lab Science 4 Elective 3
Electives 3
Total: 16 Total: 16

Students should also consider courses that will provide knowledge and experience pertinent to areas in which they intend to seek employment. Related course work might be chosen from:

  • Film
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Art or Photography
  • Computer
  • Leadership
  • Speech
  • Psychology
  • Business