Law Scholars Program

A agreement between Indiana University and Cottey College provides talented Cottey students and alumnae the ability to attend the Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law as Cottey Law Scholars. Cottey College students or alumnae admitted to Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law will be eligible for a formal mentorship program and a minimum scholarship amounting to approximately 50% of tuition ($45,000 for in-state residents and $75,000 for out-of-state residents).

Students admitted through this program will have a minimum UGPA and LSAT score at least equal to the median for the entering class of the prior year- the median UGPA/LSAT in 2015 for Maurer Law School’s entering class was 3.76/161. The expectation is for Maurer Law School to accept two Cottey applicants each year (assuming sufficient qualified applications), and any student admitted through this collaboration will be referred to as a Cottey College Law Scholar during her time at the law school.

Please contact Cottey pre-law advisor Dr. Sandra Chaney at or Vice President for Academic Affairs at for details.

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