Chris Peterson

Professor of Biology
Rubie Burton Academic Center 202
(417) 667-8181, ext. 2212

Chris PetersonI have been a full-time college instructor since 1982. I worked five years at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield and one year each at Northern State College in Aberdeen, South Dakota, Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, and Southern Missouri State College in Joplin.

I obtained a Ph.D. in biology at the University of Missouri, Columbia, in 1985, specializing in population ecology and vertebrate biology. I’ve been at Cottey College since 1991. I instruct Introductory Biology, General Botany, General Zoology, Human Nutrition, Environmental Science, and a two-semester sequence of Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Laboratories in Introductory Biology involve microscope work (each student has access to a microscope) and models dealing with cell structure and plant biology and with elementary mathematics associated with inheritance and ecology. Laboratories in General Botany involve microscope slides, many models, and some living specimens.

In General Zoology, the laboratories deal with microscope slides, preserved specimens, and dissection of roundworm, earthworm, crayfish, sea star, sea cucumber, and fetal pig. Laboratories in Human Anatomy and Physiology involve numerous models and microscope slides, real human bones, and dissection of a cat.