Disability Services




Cottey College’s Disability Services are committed to promoting student success through the development of self-advocacy and personal independence skills. No otherwise qualified person will be excluded from college programs or activities or subject to discrimination in any arena based on disability. Disability services ensure full integration and participation of people with documented disabilities and works across campus departments, personnel, and offices to provide qualified people with reasonable and effective accommodations for success.

Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Disability Services at Cottey College is to enrich the experience of higher education for students with disabilities. Our goal is to maintain accessibility across campus in order to afford all individuals the same access to programs, opportunities, and activities. Disability Services also works to increase awareness and access through resources to the entire Cottey community through the promotion of Universal Design.

Contact Us

Stephanie D. McGhee
Coordinator of Student Disability Services, Academic Advising, and Student Success Programming
417-667-8181 ext. 2131
E-mail: smcghee@cottey.edu