Learning Center


Located in the lower level of the Ross Memorial Library, the Learning Center is a place where students can meet with trained peer tutors in a variety of subjects to enhance their learning experience.

The Learning Center also doubles as a learning space where students can work independently or collaboratively with peers. We have open work areas as well as study rooms for working one-on-one with peer tutors or individually. The space is specifically designed to be a welcoming learning environment. We welcome students to work in our Center, and we strive to maintain a professional, educationally-centered environment.

We offer the following services at the Learning Center:

Reading Specialist

Our Reading Specialist, Robin Coleman, is specifically trained to help students who are struggling with reading. If you struggle to stay focused while reading or cannot remember what you just read, Robin can assist you with reading strategies.

Math Specialist

Our Math Specialist, Brian Norton, is a professional educator with almost 30 years of classroom experience teaching high school and college level math and science coursework. Brian can work with students in Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus 1 & 2.

Subject Tutoring

We have trained peer tutors who are available to work with students in specific subject areas. Schedules and content areas vary from semester to semester depending on peer tutors’ schedules. Our current schedule (including content areas) is available here. For more information, contact Stephanie McGhee, director of the Tutoring Center at smcghee@cottey.edu.

Tutoring in Writing

At the Writing Center, tutors work with writers on any assignment, from any course, at any stage in the writing process.

Click here for more about the Writing Center.

Becoming a Peer Tutor

Interested in becoming a peer tutor? Here’s the process:

  1. You must have a faculty recommendation for the course/subject you’d like to tutor in. Faculty can send those recommendations to Stephanie McGhee, smcghee@cottey.edu.
  2. Once recommended, students must complete an application.
  3. : If a student is admitted into the program, she will need to register for Introduction to Peer Tutoring, PRT 210, taught by Stephanie McGhee. This is a one-credit hour course that is required. You cannot be a peer tutor if you cannot take this course.
  4. In addition to the course, peer tutors are required to log two hours of tutoring each week in the Learning Center. This is also required.

There are three levels of peer tutoring—Introduction, Intermediate, and Master. Each level of training adheres to the College Reading and Learning Association’s (CRLA) certification requirements.

Contact us! We welcome questions or concerns.

Spring 2017 Learning Center Tutor Schedule