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ANT/WGS 151 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (fs)
This course introduces students to the broad field of cultural anthropology. We consider such topics as ethnography, cultural relativism and ethnocentrism, language and communication, religion and ritual, anthropological ethics, and the application of anthropology's theory and methods to contemporary world issues. Students will also learn how anthropologists have approached the issue of difference and inequality within and across cultures. This course also highlights female anthropologists' contributions to the field as well as gender cross-culturally. 3 credits

ANT/WGS 204 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (xf)
This course explores reproductive, economic, political, and religious factors that influence women's experiences from a cross-cultural approach. It examines the ways that gender intersects with social class, work, politics, and religion. It offers students opportunities to understand the diversity and similarity of women's experiences around the world. 3 credits

ANT/IDS 291 Language and Culture (xs)
Prerequisites: ANT 151, SOC 101, or PSY 101 This course introduces students to Linguistic Anthropology. Although language will be our principle concern, taking an anthropological approach pushes us to consider language, culture, society, and communication as all interrelated aspects of the human condition. The overall goal is to encourage students to appreciate the complex and diverse communication signals that humans engage in, while also considering some of their own language and communication biases. 3 credits