Department of Anthropology & Sociology


The Anthropology Department is designed to introduce students to the four branches of anthropology (cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, linguistics, and archaeology) with an emphasis on the cultural branch. The course offered provides a foundation for students interested in going into anthropology and assists all students in developing an anthropological perspective which is beneficial in all fields of study. Additionally, anthropology can be combined with many other disciplines (economics, political science, music, art, history, literature, medicine, law, etc.) to create a more global or international approach. For those students not interested in pursuing anthropology academically or as a career, the information and skills learned can help them better understand and live in today's world.


The study of sociology increases students understanding of the relationship between the individual and society. By developing a sociological perspective, students sharpen their powers of observation and analysis which assists them in all aspects of human relations. Sociology assists students in understanding contemporary social problems and the difficulties in developing social policy solutions. It also broadens students' awareness of the diversity of human experience around the world.

The basic courses at Cottey provide the foundation for a major or minor in sociology while providing basic knowledge and skills needed to pursue a variety of applied careers: social work, social services, corrections and juvenile treatment, environment and resource allocation, social gerontology, and community health services. Sociology courses also contribute to students' preparation in other professions including human resources and personnel management, marketing and advertising, international studies, education, law, and medicine.

Course Descriptions

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