Interdisciplinary Studies

Film Studies

The film studies program introduces a critical appreciation of film which, like a critical appreciation of literature, increases the historical, political, social, and cultural awareness of the viewer/reader. The variety of our film offerings ensures that students will be exposed to foreign cultures and different worldviews; will deal with issues of gender and identity in past and present societies; will study the evolution of Hollywood filmmaking, from the silent era to contemporary times and will become familiar with alternative cinemas (American and foreign) that both challenge and often influence the Hollywood paradigm.


At Cottey, we believe all young women have the potential to be leaders. From the moment they step foot on campus, students are encouraged to begin thinking that way, too. Leadership functions as the academic program component of the College's overall leadership initiative, which also includes the Leadership, Education, Opportunities (LEO) certification program and Student Life leadership development opportunities. Through leadership programming, students find their own voices and begin to define their place in and contributions to the larger world. They learn practical skills and behaviors that support their development into highly effective leaders and are exposed to research and theory associated with this field of study.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Cottey includes an introductory course that emphasizes the interdisciplinary quality of this field. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is an umbrella that conscientiously articulates the relationship between history, literature, sociology, anthropology, theater and other areas of study that allow students to explore more fully the role of and issues facing women historically and in contemporary society.

For more information on Cottey's academic program, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management by email or by calling 1-888-5-COTTEY (1-888-526-8839).

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