Learning Communities

Cottey College represents a wonderful learning community as a whole, creating an atmosphere for living and learning. The college began its first Learning Communities Interest Group during the 2003-2004 academic year after a team of faculty, administrators and staff attended the National Learning Communities Institute in Olympia, Washington. The interest group continues to grow and meets regularly to discuss how to enhance your learning experience.

The initiative offers students the opportunity to participate in a series of innovative coordinated and/or linked studies designed to focus and integrate course offerings around a number of themes.

Learning Communities connect two or more subjects and/or departments through a variety of teaching approaches, classroom and co-curricular activities and blended assignments.

Learning Communities at Cottey College

  • Allow you to experience the connections between courses you take.
  • Allow you to work using a team approach to critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Create time to talk about specific themes from various perspectives.
  • Connect you with others who share your goals and interests.
  • Allow your instructors to work together to provide you with a dynamic classroom environment.
  • Reinforce the relationship between what you learn and how you view your world.

Past Courses


Links American Literature and American History.
Students learn how American literature and history are connected and influence each other. While the content of these sections will be very similar to unlinked sections, the courses will share some exciting activities and assignments that deal with concepts of both fields. 6 credits; fulfills core distribution requirements in Humanities and Social Science.


Links Introduction to Business and Business and Technical Communication.
Students gain information and skills critical to potential business and communications majors or minors, as well as a variety of professions. While course organization will remain the same as unlinked courses, the courses will share many assignments, with content from the Introduction to Business forming the basis for writing projects in Business and Technical Communications, reinforcing the interdisciplinary nature of the learning community. 3 credits each; electives.


Links General Chemistry and Dance Appreciation.
This innovative linking of courses involves two diverse disciplines and creates an opportunity to learn about chemical structures and composition and apply them to the context of body structure, function and form, as well as the materials associated with and approaches to dance. It also allows for a representation of chemistry concepts through dance. The result is a highly interactive class with student involvement and presentations of major projects. 6 credits; fulfills core distribution requirements in Fine Arts and Science and Mathematics.

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