Art involves the study and application of various means of expressing human interests, attitudes, emotions, and ideas. Students develop skills in problem-solving and in the understanding of the visual arts as a vital part of their liberal arts education. Art majors usually begin with an introductory design course and then choose a medium for focused study, such as ceramics, photography, graphic design, or sculpture. Cottey's art courses are open to students with an interest in exploring art and those who plan to major in art.

Career Opportunities

Art majors learn to create images, objects, and environments using a variety of techniques and media. As art students work on structured assignments and independent studio projects, they sharpen their visual understanding and enhance their critical thinking skills.

Art majors find career opportunities in industry, advertising, architecture, art scholarship, art education, art history, illustration, interior design, fashion design, graphic design, photography, and the studio arts.

A master's degree is generally required for employment in museums and galleries, and for studio teaching positions. A Ph.D. may be required to work as a museum curator or director. Employment in art restoration and conservation requires specialized training and knowledge of chemistry.

Specialized interests may focus study and employment towards ceramics,
pottery, textile design, fashion design, weaving, jewelry design, interior decorating, and metalsmithing.

Commercial art specialization includes design, illustration, film, videography, and the production of murals, posters, and cards. Due to excellent creative skills, art undergraduate majors also succeed in advertising, public relations, directing, journalism, and broadcasting.

Internship and Directed Study Opportunities

As an art major, your chances to gain real world learning experiences through internships and directed studies are almost boundless.

Students at Cottey College participate in internships throughout the year with a variety of businesses, organizations, and non-profit agencies. A successful internship provides students with an opportunity to apply their classroom learning to the workplace.

Employers and graduate schools agree that students who have put classroom concepts and skills to work in a "real world" environment are more realistic and productive than those who have not.

With the assistance of faculty and the transfer and career planning coordinator, art majors can find a variety of local and national internship experiences.

Opportunities exist locally in marketing, photography, non-profit organizations, elementary and high schools, political organizations, newspapers, and many more.

Directed study opportunities are available in all disciplines. Under the supervision of faculty, students can pursue academic credit on a topic or project that is related to, but beyond the scope of, regular course offerings.

Directed study topics can be tailored to your interests, whether it is conducting individual scientific research, studying girls' punk music, or conducting advanced computer programming.

Get Involved

Want to have fun and develop your leadership skills and your resume at the same time? Then get involved at Cottey College and in the Nevada community.

Cottey College has more than 35 student clubs and organizations in which to be involved. Plus, the Nevada and surrounding community offer an abundance of service opportunities.

Here are a few activities you might consider pursuing as an art major: join Associated Cottey College Artists (ACCA); take pictures for The Spectrum (Cottey's student newspaper); work on publicity for a campus organization; create advertising for a local non-profit organization; restore or create local murals; aid an elementary school art teacher or volunteer in a museum.

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