The purpose of the Cottey Dance Department is to enhance physical, intellectual, emotional, and social aspects of students' development.

The Dance Department at Cottey allows students to explore dance in a liberal arts setting, where the topics of biology or history classes overlap with topics in dance classes. The view is of dance within the world, not dance as the world. It is important to the faculty of the Cottey Dance Department that students maintain a panoramic world view, one in which the field of dance is enhanced and in turn, enhances, their other coursework and life activities. This view benefits students who only take one dance class while at Cottey as well as students who complete the Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degree in Dance or minor in Dance.

For the student interested in a career in dance, dance degree programs focus on the development of performers, choreographers, and educators, and encourage the emergence of new, diverse, and creative dance techniques and styles. Although a college degree in dance is not necessary to perform, it is necessary for those who want to teach dance in college, high school, or elementary schools. A dance degree also provides a foundation for those who want to develop a business or career in the arts. Many dance majors explore careers in fitness and the health sciences.

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Websites To Visit to Explore Careers in Dance

National Dance Education Organization

American College Dance Association

Dance Masters of America

Society of Dance History Scholars

Congress on Research in Dance

International Association for Dance Medicine and Science

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