Want to time travel? While science has not quite figured out how to physically transport us to the past, our history students mentally time travel every class period. If you are as fascinated by stories of long ago people and events as we are, you need to study history at Cottey.

Historians study the record of past human experience. History majors examine the causes, contexts, and chronologies of historical events to understand how human experiences have both remained the same and changed over time. History develops a greater understanding and appreciation of today's culture and civilizations. Historians usually specialize in a specific country or region; a particular time period; or a particular field such as social, political or diplomatic history. An advanced degree may be required for certain occupations.

The history program offers students the opportunity to study the major institutions, ideologies, philosophies, politics, culture, social features, religious beliefs and the art and literature contributing to the development of Western Civilization and the United States and their role in today's global society. An informed awareness of historical developments will prepare students for a diverse range of careers as well as for lives of action and contribution in contemporary society. Students' learning goals in these disciplines involve three principal areas: critical thinking skills, communication skills and material knowledge.

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