International Relations and Business

International Relations and Business

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in International Relations and Business offers students the opportunity to specialize in either International Business or International Relations. The International Business concentration prepares students to successfully operate businesses in today's global economy. The International Relations program emphasizes the study of areas such as relations among states, the influence of globalization, and comparative politics.

Experiencing International Relations and Business begins on campus. Twenty percent of Cottey's faculty are international as is 12 percent of its student population. Faculty members who teach International Relations and Business have diverse backgrounds and come from countries as different as Japan and France. With the international students and faculty on campus, it's like a slow immersion process before you take the leap into international travel and study.

Study abroad is expected of students in the program. You will not need to be fluent in another language, but you must take the introductory language courses should you chose to study abroad. Cottey aid and other support will make your international study affordable. Visit with us about specific overseas institutions for more information. While overseas, you'll learn how to do business in that particular area. You'll learn the political perspective of that country, and not just the American political perspective.

Concentration: International Relations | International Business

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