Physical Education

The mission of the general physical education activity program at Cottey is to provide a variety of curricula from which the student may select to enable her to develop her cognitive knowledge of the activity, increase her psychomotor skills, improve her personal fitness and enhance her sense of value for the activity.
Departmental Goals

Students who complete course offerings in the physical education department will show progress in one or more of the following learning objectives:

  • Maintain or improve personal fitness level
  • Maintain or improve skill acquisition
  • Maintain or improve knowledge of sport skills, physical activities, lifetime leisure activities, fitness / wellness, first aid, and/or sport / water safety
  • Participate in physical activity on a regular basis approximately three hours per week

The discipline of physical education supports the mission of Cottey College through the following learning outcomes:

  • Participation in programs contributing to physical fitness and wellness
  • Ability to be active contributors toward positive change through leadership, teamwork and civic engagement
  • Ability to identify personal and professional goals
  • Knowledge of the importance of kindness, understanding, tolerance and caring attitudes and behaviors towards self and others in a global society

Two physical activity credits are required as part of the Cottey core curriculum.  Most physical education courses offered at Cottey will successfully transfer if the student majors in physical education, fitness, or recreation.  For non -majors, most courses transfer but this may depend on the transfer school and whether or not they have a physical education department.  Some four-year institutions do not require physical education for graduation but will accept physical education credits as electives.  More and more colleges and universities are requiring a 2-3 credit Lifetime Fitness (Lifetime Fitness- PHE139) or Wellness class for all students instead of, or in addition to, a physical education activity class.  Students should consult with their transfer institution's academic requirement to transfer classes successfully.