Political Science

Cottey's political science courses offer students the opportunity to study the major institutions, ideologies, philosophies, politics, culture, social features, religious beliefs, and the art and literature contributing to the development of Western Civilization and the United States and their role in today's global society. An informed awareness of historical developments and political thought and systems will prepare students for a diverse range of careers as well as for lives of action and contribution in contemporary society.

Career Opportunities

Political science majors explore the origins, historical development, and functions of government and political power.

Students study the ways in which electoral, legislative, judicial, and administrative structures vary among countries; the reasons why governments change, fall, and engage in wars; and the behavior of public officials and other citizens who take part in politics.

Professors of political science attempt to provide students with a better understanding of political parties, interest groups, international relationships, public law, public administration, liberty, freedom, justice and power.

Major sub-branches include political theory and philosophy, comparative government and politics, international relations, and political behavior.

Political science graduates choose careers as educators, politicians, lawyers, researchers, journalists, political consultants, international relations specialists, foreign service officers, fundrasiers, city planners, consumer advocates, labor relations specialists, and lobbyists.

Internship and Directed Study Opportunities

As a political science major, your chances to gain learning experiences through internships and directed studies are almost boundless.

Students at Cottey College participate in internships throughout the year with a variety of businesses, organizations, and non-profit agencies. A successful internship provides students with an opportunity to apply their classroom learning to the workplace.

With the assistance of faculty and the transfer and career planning coordinator,political science majors can find a variety of local and national internship experiences.

Get Involved

Want to have fun and develop your leadership skills and your resume at the same time? Then get involved at Cottey College and in the Nevada community.

Cottey College has more than 35 student clubs and organizations in which to be involved. Plus, the Nevada and surrounding community offer an abundance of service opportunities.

Here are a few activities you might consider pursuing as a policial science major: join Cottey's Political Interest Group (P.I.G.); run for office with the Student Goverment Association; lead a voter registration drive; join Cottey's chapter of Amnesty International; volunteer for a political campaign; join Students Against a Vanishing Environment; attend a Nevada city council meeting; or write for The Spectrum (Cottey's student newspaper.)

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