The Cottey College theatre program provides young women with an exciting initial two years of foundational theatrical study, training, and on-stage, hands-on personal experience necessary for pursuing a liberal arts degree in theatre.

From their first day of classes young women are cast in main stage acting roles and in major technical positions, such as assistant director, stage manager, light board operator, and sound board operator.

Cottey students make up all technical crews, including set construction, stage crew, painting, costumes, make-up, props, and much of the publicity for departmental mainstage plays. Students also provide technical assistance for professional guest performers appearing on the Haidee and Allen Wild Center For the Arts Auditorium stage.

The theatre program, provides young women with experiences beyond those typical for underclassmen at four year or coeducational institutions.

As Cottey College students prepare for successful transfer into theatre and speech programs at senior institutions they take classes in acting, theatre history, theory, technology, and design.

Cottey College students participate in a variety of main stage productions that are chosen to provide opportunities specifically to young women such as the Cottey College production of the acapella musical As It Is In Heaven.

Classical production such as Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream , Euripede's Women of Troy, and farces by Moliere can be seen on the Cottey College stage, when they offer opportunities for our women to expand their knowledge and their skills.

Contemporary plays centering around women's experience and issues such as the comedy Dixie Swim Club or the interactive play The Anastasia Trials In The Court Of Women are also produced.

Our directors read new scripts by new playwrights in search of new or little known scripts with great female characters. This has resulted in regional and world premieres of productions of KEEPERS, THE MOTHERS, and the historical play CHATANOOGA, and performances of COMMUNION, a play by a playwright presently residing in Joplin.

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