What Can I Do With A Major In English?

English majors read, discuss, and write about literature. Literary works include poetry, prose, and drama but may also be drawn from film, journalism, and television. Study focuses on the critical, historical, linguistic, and cultural contexts of these works. In addition, you practice your own writing and develop your language-use and composition skills.

Is This Major For You?

You might like this major if you also like: reading; writing; discussion; languages; film; music; theatre; dance; working independently

Consider this major if you are good at: attention to detail; critical reading/thinking; research; writing; persuading; active learning

Employment Settings

  • Colleges and universities
  • Forensic labs and hospitals
  • Government and non-profit agencies
  • Libraries and historical societies
  • Corporations or consulting firms
  • Public and private research groups

Sample Occupations

  • Associate Editor
  • Writer/Editor/Reporter/Journalist
  • Technical Writer/Editor
  • Public Information Specialist
  • Human Resources
  • Sports Writer
  • Advertising Writer
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Leadership Consultant
  • Grant Writer
  • Paralegal
  • Researcher
  • Teacher

Academic Assistance Center Resources

Opportunities in Writing Careers
100 Jobs in Words
Opportunities in Technical Writing Careers
Opportunities in Journalism Careers

Typical Courses In This Major

  • English Composition I & II
  • Creative Writing
  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Poetry
  • Critical Theory

Other Majors You Might Like

  • Women's Studies
  • Communications
  • Classics
  • Drama and Theatre
  • History
  • Journalism

Websites To Visit

The Association for Writers and Writing Programs

The Society for Technical Communication

National Writers Union

Association of American Publishers

For more information on this and other majors, visit the Transfer and Career Planning Office located in the Academic Assistance Center, RBAC 164, ext. 2132.

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