What Can I Do With A Major In Music?

Music majors study theory, composition, and performance. Students learn how the success of a work of music depends on certain principles of what appeals to the ear, on the skill of the arranger, and on the interpretation of the performers. Music majors study music from various perspectives: the historical development of music, ear training and musicianship; the structures and theory of music; composition; performance instruction; and music education. To be successful in this major, one must make a serious commitment to the program and have well-developed musical skills. Employment in this field is very competitive. However, many people are successful in music-related careers.

Is This Major For You?

You might like this major if you also like: playing, listening, and learning about music; math; travel; working independently and in a group; computers
Consider this major if you are good at: attention to detail; concentration; creativity; critical reading/thinking; math; memorizing; self-discipline

Employment Settings

• Colleges and schools
• Churches
• Record companies and recording studios
• Advertising agencies
• Nursing homes and hospitals
• Bands, choirs, and orchestras
• Music publishers
• Public service agencies
• Music-related businesses
• Historical societies
• Conservatories and large libraries

Sample Occupations

• Performer/Entertainer
• Disc Jockey
• Music Therapist
• Music Historian
• Songwriter
• Educator
• Music Technician
• Business Manager
• Instrument Builder
• Music Reporter
• Booking Agent
• Sound Engineer

Academic Assistance Center Resources

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Courses In This Major

• Harmony
• Music History and Literature
• Composition
• Ensemble
• Piano Proficiency
• Foreign Language
• Applied . . .voice, brass, woodwind, piano, etc.

Other Majors You Might Like

• Music Management
• Digital Media
• Radio and Television
• Mathematics

Websites To Visit

American Federation of Musicians
College Music Society (CMS)
American Music Therapy Association
Music Library Association

For more information on this and other majors, visit the Transfer and Career Planning Office located in the Academic Assistance Center, RBAC 164, ext. 2132.

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