What Can I Do With A Major In Theatre?

Theatre majors receive a broad foundation in the disciplines of acting, directing, theatre history and theory, which enables them to enter theatre education or professional theatre. Majors may specialize in design and production of costumes, lighting, scenery, and sound for theater, opera, and dance, or focus on acting. Theatre involves experiential learning and offers opportunities for students to learn through performance. Students studying this major may aspire to work on stage, while others may want to work as directors, producers or business managers.

Is This Major For You?

You might like this major if you also like: art and literature, working collaboratively with people, building things and photography

Consider this major if you are good at: attention to detail, critical reading and writing, expression of ideas, organizing, memorizing, and verbal skills

Employment Settings

  • Theatre companies
  • Movie production studios
  • Television stations
  • College and universities
  • Theme parks
  • National/state parks

Sample Occupations

  • Actor
  • Educator
  • Sound Engineer
  • Tailor/Seamster
  • Lighting Designer
  • Scenery Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Arts Administrator
  • Stage Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Director

Academic Assistance Center Resources

Regional Theater Directory
Summer Theater Directory
Performing Arts Major's College Guide
Directory of Theatre Training Programs
Great Jobs for Theater Majors

Typical Courses in This Major

  • Intro to Theatre
  • Theatre History
  • Acting and Performance courses
  • Makeup for the stage
  • Computer Applications for Theater
  • Scene Design and Set Construction
  • Theater Production
  • Costume Design and Construction

Other Majors You Might Like

  • Theatre Arts Management
  • Radio and Television
  • Cinematography and Film Production
  • English
  • Theatre History
  • Fashion Design
  • Broadcast Journalism

Websites to Visit

Educational Theater Association (ETA)

American Theatre Critics Association

American Association of Community Theater

Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers

For more information on this and other majors, visit the Transfer and Career Planning Office located in the Academic Assistance Center, RBAC 164, ext. 2132.

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