The Cottey College Catalog

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NOTICE: The Academic Resource Guide will be published soon. It contains new degree requirements and will replace information in the 2013-2015 Catalog. Please check back here soon.  

Cottey College Catalog

Table of Contents

Introduction pp. 1-2
Calendars pp. 3-4
The College pp. 5-8
Academic Programs pp. 9-10
Associate Degree Programs pp. 10-27
Bachelor Degree Programs pp. 28-43
Departments and Courses pp.44-71
Academic Policies and Resources pp. 72-82
Academic Recognition pp. 83-84
The Campus and Student Life pp. 85-88
Admission and Financial Aid pp. 89-94
Financial Matters pp. 95-96
Endowed Funds pp. 97-123
Directory pp. 124-130
Index pp. 131-132
Map pp. 133



Cottey Catalog 2013-2015
Cottey Catalog 2011-2013
Cottey Catalog 2009-2011
Cottey Catalog 2007-2009
Cottey Catalog 2006-2007
Cottey Catalog 2004-2006

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