Softball Roster


The 2013-14 Comets. Front row, left to right: Karla Dubon, Ciera Wong, Lauren Shepherd. Middle row: Stephanie Gier*, Tara Holland, Christine Nevins, Susie Hartman, Rachel McPherson. Back row: Emma Ehle, Shirley Arreola-Kern, Selena Gochenour, Jillian Ollie, Samantha Batchelder*.

* Not listed on roster.

Cottey Comets 2013-14 Softball Team

2 Ciera Wong OF Kansas City, KS Freshman
3 Christine Nevins IN/P Branson, MO Sophomore
4 Karla Dubon OF Waynesville, MO Sophomore
5 Shirley Arreola-Kern OF Ellensburg, WA Freshman
6 Lauren Shepherd IN Bentonville, AR Freshman
7 Emma Ehle OF Thayer, MO Freshman
9 Susie Hartman U Bronough, MO Freshman
10 Selena Gochenour C/IN Holden, MO Sophomore
15 Jillian Ollie IN Gentry, AR Freshman
17 Rachel McPherson OF Delray Beach, FL Sophomore
18 Tara Holland U Conway, AR Freshman


Head Coach: Shelli Stanley
Assistant Coach: Sami Jo Robertson
Administrative Assistant: Marla Foreman

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