Volleyball Roster

Cottey Comets 2013 Volleyball Team


Pictured are, back row, left to right: Skyler Ford, Maddie Lugenbeel, Kelsey Davidson, and Rebeka Lopez. Third row: Jalilah Cox, Jennay Kennedy, and Regan Kannady. Second row: Kasey Hall and Cassie Hale. Front row: Morgan Wheatley.

2 Kelsey Davidson MH 5'9" Freshman
3 Morgan Wheatley DS 5'2" Sophomore
4 Jennay Kennedy OH 5'10" Freshman
5 Jalilah Cox OH 5'8" Freshman
6 Rebeka Lopez DS/S 5'2" Sophomore
7 Regan Kannady S/OH 6'0" Freshman
9 Maddie Lugenbeel S/DS 5'5" Freshman
10 Kasey Hall MH 5'9" Sophomore
11 Cassie Hale MH/OH 5'10" Sophomore
20 Skyler Ford MH/RS 6'4" Sophomore
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