Erica Sigauke

Erica Sigauke, the Director of Spiritual life at Cottey College, educates members of the Cottey Community about spirituality and helps them understand and value their different gifts. She also explores more about the meaning of spirituality and what it means in our lives and vocations. She helps students integrate lives of passionate commitment, embodied practice and intellectual critic at Cottey College and beyond. The students are motivated to appreciate who they are and to be positive in their faith beliefs. Cottey students continue to grow and absorb new knowledge while strengthening their skills as they face challenges of their diverse traditions.

Erica Sigauke


Message from the Director of Spiritual Life and Campus Diversity; Erica Sigauke

"We are blessings, and powerful gifted people created to share and anoint each other and bring peace to our world through love, humbleness, tolerance and a glowing/radiating presence."

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