Faculty/Administrative Staff Directory

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Name Department Extension E-mail Address
A top
Allen, Connie Office Mgr-Physical Plant 2155 Connie Allen
Andrews, Rusalyn Faculty-Theatre 2241 Rusalyn Andrews
Ashmore, Michel Faculty-Piano 2266 Michel Ashmore
B top
Beason, Stephanie Athletic Director, Head Basketball Coach 2237 Stephanie Beason
Biesterveld, Richard Science Lab Manager 2139 Richard Biesterveld
Bobbett, Patricia Executive Ass't to the President 2136 Tricia Bobbett
Borders, Traci Staff Secretary for Faculty 2280 Traci Borders
Bourbon, Carmen Faculty-Spanish 2182 Carmen Bourbon
Brauer, Jeanna Coordinator of Counseling 2157 Jeanna Brauer
Buckner, Tina Assistant to the Vice President for Administration and Finance 2123 Tina Buckner
Bunn, Austin Cross Country/Track Head Coach Austin Bunn
Burger, Theresa Faculty-Physical Education 2258 Theresa Burger
Byrnes, Jo Faculty-Dance 2250 Jo Byrnes
C top
Chaney, Laura Faculty-Theatre 2265 Laura Chaney
Chelminska, Paula Assistant Professor of International Business 2273 Paula Chelminska
Clow, Callie P.E.O. Hall Director 3050 Callie Clow
Clyde, Carol Director - Serenbetz Institute 2116 Carol Clyde
Collins, Susan Assistant Director of Food Service 2170 Susan Collins
Cook, Amanda Assistant Professor of Music 2285 Amanda Cook
Cordova, Tracy Hass Dir.-Annual Fund and Alumnae Relations 2122 Tracy Hass Cordova
Cornwell, Jennifer Coordinator of International Education 2132 Jennifer Cornwell
D top
Dean, Adam Dir. Academic Computing 2275 Adam Dean
Denny, Melody Assistant Professor of English 2245 Melody Denny
Dioses, Jorge Assistant Professor of Mathematics 2209 Jorge Dioses
Dreyer, Carrie Adm. Secy.-Inst. Advancement 2120 Carrie Dreyer
E top
Emery, Michael Faculty-English 2232 Michael Emery
F top
Fahle, Jeane Campus Visit Coordinator-Enrollment Mgmt 2107 Jeane Fahle
Farmer, Carla Bryant Special Assistant to the President for Marketing and
Associate Vice President Development
1418 Carla Bryant Farmer
Farrales, Tracy Accounting Clerk 2124 Tracy Farrales
Fernando, Ganga Faculty-Chemistry 2180 Ganga Fernando
Firkus, Angela Faculty-History 2201 Angela Firkus
Foreman, Marla Kannady Coach-Volleyball 2256 Marla Kannady Foreman
Foster, Jean Food Service Office Manager 2150 Jean Foster
Francis, Amber Transfer Representative 2178 Amber Francis
Fulton, Brianne Assistant Professor of Art 2264 Brianne Fulton
Fulton, Delene P.E.O. Relations Assistant 2122 Delene Fulton
Fulton, Christina Adjunct Asst. Professor of Dance & Robertson Hall Director 2187 Christina Fulton
Fulton, Kristine Ass't. VP-Inst. Advancement 2286 Kristine Fulton
G top
Garten, Deborah Library Assistant 2110 Deborah Garten
Gilchrist, Amanda Assistant Professor of Psychology 2276 Amanda Gilchrist
Gooch, Heather-Renee Reeves Hall Director 4050 Heather-Renee Gooch
Good, Arlene Staff Secy.-Academic Records 2125 Arlene Good
Gottlieb, Melanie VP-Enrollment Management 2238 Melanie Gottlieb
Grgurich, Stephanie Admission Representative 2233 Stephanie Grgurich
H top
Haggans, Mary Special Assistant to the President 2123 Mary Haggans
Hampton, Renee Experiential Learning Coordinator 2184 Renee Hampton
Haverstic, Margaret Manager of P.E.O. Relations 2161 Margaret Haverstic
Hedges, Denise Dir.-Ctr for Women's Leadership 2204 Denise Hedges
Holman, Bruce Faculty-Art 2242 Bruce Holman
Hurshman, Ruth Marcile Dining/Catering Supervisor 2169 Ruth Marcile Hurshman
Hyde, Ed Maintenance/Grounds Supervisor 2291 Ed Hyde
Hyland, Peter Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy 2211 Peter Hyland
J top
Johnson, Gary Adjunct Faculty-Brass 2255 Gary Johnson
Jones, Robert Faculty-Biology 2240 Robert Jones
Jones, Tatiana Library Cataloger/Adjunct Professor 2114 Tatiana Jones
K top
Kassner, Miranda Admission Representative 2138 Miranda Kassner
Kerbs, Deana Adm Secretary-Academic Affairs 2128 Deana Kerbs
Kerbs, Nancy Dir. of Assessment and Institutional Research 2171 Nancy Kerbs
Kohel, Selena Assistant Professor of Psychology 2216 Selena Kohel
Korb, Kris Coord.-Campus Activities 2186 Kris Korb
L top
Lee, Linda Main Hall Receptionist 0 Linda Lee
Lee, Theresa Office Manager-Enrollment Mgmt. 2238 Theresa Lee
Lodge, Helen Director of Housing 2104 Helen Lodge
Lunkenheimer, Gary Faculty-Business & Economics 2271 Gary Lunkenheimer
M top
Mallinson, Robin Secretary-CWL and Serenbetz Institute 2116 Robin Mallinson
Martin, Bill Instructor-Music 2199 Bill Martin
Martin, Diane Administrative Ass't. Student Life 2126 Diane Martin
Mays, Justin Ass't. Director Admin. Computing 2268 Justin Mays
McGatha, Sandy Counselor 2157 Sandy McGatha
McGhee, Stephanie Disability Services, Academic Advising, and Student Success Programming 2131 Stephanie McGhee
McReynolds, Betsy Dir.-Human Resources 2103 Betsy McReynolds
Moore, Angela Assistant Director of Admission 2239 Angela Moore
Morton, Marcia Registrar 2125 Marcia Morton
N top
Newton, Angela Secretary to Financial Aid 2190 Angela Newton
O top
Owings, Lois Associate Controller 2101 Lois Owings
P top
Painter, Rachel Public Information Assistant 2140 Rachel Painter
Pearson, Mark Faculty-German 2229 Mark Pearson
Penn, Becky Secy. to Office of President 2111 Becky Penn
Pennington, Sherry Coord.-Financial Aid 2190 Sherry Pennington
Peszat, Regina Assistant Professor of French 2260 Regina Peszat
Peterson, Chris Faculty-Biology 2212 Chris Peterson
Phillips, Mari Anne VP-Student Life 2126 Mari Anne Phillips
Pivak, Kathryn Faculty-English 2272 Kathryn Pivak
Polon, Karen Faculty-Physical Education 2251 Karen Polon
Pridal, Cathryn VP-Academic Affairs 2128 Cathryn Pridal
Q top
Quick, Sarah Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Sociology 2269 Sarah Quick
R top
Reavis, Ashley Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics 2281 Ashley Reavis
Reed, Steve Dir.-Public Information 2140 Steve Reed
Richardson, Michael Dir.-Food Service 2150 Michael Richardson
Rivard, Derek Faculty-History 2183 Derek Rivard
Rogers, Judy President 2136 Judy Rogers
Ross, Brenda Faculty-Chemistry 2215 Brenda Ross
Rouintree, Kevin Faculty-Religion & Philosophy 2218 Kevin Rouintree
Ruetten, Amy VP-Administration/Finance 2123 Amy Ruetten
S top
Shopper, John Mgr-Srvc. Center/Print Shop 2102 John Shopper
Sigauke, Erica Director of Spiritual Life 2108 Erica Sigauke
Spencer, Keith Dir.-Admin. Computing 2226 Keith Spencer
Spencer, Theresa Faculty-Voice 2283 Theresa Spencer
Sprankles, Taryn Admission Communications Coordinator 2167 Taryn Sprankles
Stanley, Shelli Softball Coach 2277 Shelli Stanley
Steege, Judi Director of Admission 2133 Judi Steege
Stubblefield, Trisha Faculty-English 2274 Trisha Stubblefield
Swarnes, Neal Dir.-Physical Plant 2155 Neal Swarnes
T top
Taylor, Kathy Faculty-Computer Science 2146 Kathy Taylor
Thornton, Susan Library Assistant 2181 Susan Thornton
Tietz, Julie Faculty-Psychology 2220 Julie Tietz
Trautweiler, Courtney Director-Library 2109 Courtney Trautweiler
U top
Urner, Carol Campaign Secretary 2284 Carol Urner
W top
Watanabe, Kanji Faculty-International Relations 2188 Kanji Watanabe
Weatherholt, Ellen Assistant Director of Annual Fund and Alumnae Relations 1492 Ellen Weatherholt
West, Shaun Student Health Office Manager 2157 Shaun West
Whitworth, Brandi Data Entry Clerk 2098 Brandi Whitworth
Wier, Judyth VP-Institutional Advancement 2120 Judyth Wier
Witte, Lois Bookstore Manager 2154 Lois Witte