Girls Leadership Program Graduation

April 18, 2017

The Girls Leadership Program is a program of the Women’s Foundation of Kansas City which Cottey facilitates.

Central Exchange Open House

Back row:Carla Farmer, Courtney Thomas
Front row: Tracy Smedley, Martha Burt, Susan Simmonds

Cottey College hosted an open house at Central Exchange on April 11, 2017. The theme of the evening was “Tools for Success” and Cottey introduced their 2017-18 women’s leadership series “Feminism Is For Everyone”. In the upcoming series for members of Central Exchange, a 900 member women’s professional development organization in Kansas City, Faculty and staff Dr. Catherine Volle, Dr. Jann Weitzel, Denise Hedges, Dr. Julie Tietz, and Dr. Trisha Stubblefield will explore the meaning of feminism in today’s society and how it applies to our professional and personal lives. This is the second year of a partnership between Central Exchange and Cottey. The partnership is an outreach program through Marketing and Strategic Communication. Cottey College Class of 1982 alumnae Tracy Smedley, Martha Burt, and Susan Simmonds are pictured with Carla Farmer, vice president of marketing and strategic communication and Courtney Thomas, President and CEO of Central Exchange.