Serenbetz Institute for Women’s Leadership, Social Responsibility and Global Awareness

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Cottey College offers six baccalaureate programs of study: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in business administration; BA in English; BA in environmental studies; BA in international relations and business, with an emphasis in international relations or an emphasis in international business; BA in general liberal arts; and a BA in psychology.

BA degree pro­grams at Cottey are intentionally interdisciplinary and interconnected and collectively create a common experi­ence of learning and accomplishments for every student, regardless of ma­jor. These common experiences are ar­ranged around three threads interwoven throughout the pro­grams' curricula: the threads of women's leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness. The Serenbetz Institute works with the faculty to offer and incorporate additional educa­tional experiences in women's leadership, social responsibility, and global aware­ness into their class­room instruction, experiential learning assignments, and co-curricular activi­ties.



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Students Participating in the National Conference on Ethics in America (NCEA)
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