Experiential Learning


Leadership, Experiences, Opportunity (LEO) Certification

LEO is a four-level program for Cottey students to receive recognition and certification for their leadership efforts on campus. In the program, you focus on the leadership aspects of the activities you are already doing and attend specially designed events to enhance your leadership skills. You also connect with women leaders both on campus and in the community and complete a community service project. All these are designed to help you to develop your unique leadership style!

Leadership Immersions

Intensive academic study or personal enrichment travel experiences that directly relate to the areas of women’s leadership, social responsibility, and/or global awareness in the students’ disciplines. Funds are available to individual students or groups of students who have declared a baccalaureate major, with preference given to faculty-led experiences.

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Summer Leadership Internships

Funds are made available to students who have declared a baccalaureate major to focus on an in-depth exploration of leadership from within a community, governmental, political, or non-profit organization. Students are expected to develop meaningful internship experiences in partnership with identified supervisors. A fall presentation is held to showcase their experience.

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Undergraduate Research Grants

Grants are made available to students and faculty to focus on research projects related to the study of leadership and leadership development within their academic discipline. The proposal process is coordinated and evaluated by a committee of the faculty teaching in the baccalaureate major disciplines. Students have a faculty mentor and present their findings at the “Leadership Expo” event held each semester.

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Conferences & Presentations

Students and faculty are encouraged to present research and relevant sessions at local and national conferences in the areas of women’s leadership, social responsibility and global awareness. Limited funding is available to support these initiatives and application information will be coming soon!

National Leadership Conferences – participation opportunities

National Leadership Conferences – presentation opportunities