Chapter Challenge


To Register Your C3 Sister or for other questions related to the Chapter Challenge:

Carol Urner
Campaign Secretary
Cottey College
417-667-8181 ext. 2284

Carla Farmer
Campaign Manager
Cottey College

Chapter Challenge

The Chapter Challenge has ended. Congratulations to all the teams!
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Where Do We Send Chapter Donations?
Since part of the competition’s fun is seeing your “horse” move around the track, every time your chapter challenge fundraisers net $100 or more, send the proceeds in to your State/Provincial/District treasurer. Remember that a contribution of only $100 by each chapter on your team can move your horse into the next section on the track!
Your treasurer will follow the procedures that are already in place for contributions to the International philanthropies. She will forward contributions to Cottey in the prescribed method for State/Provincial/District treasurers. Contributions can be made at any time and the competition Web site will be regularly updated as contributions are received. A message will be sent through the C3 Network each time the competition web site is updated so you and your chapter sisters will be able to be “track side” for the action!


Your horse advances around the track each time your team’s contribution exceeds $5,000. Once your team has contributed $35,000, your horse moves onto the next race track in the order listed above. Upon receiving your teams’ total contribution of $140,000 you to cross the finish line and enter the winner’s circle.Regional finalists will be selected based on the highest team contributions received before the competition deadline of July 31st, 2013.

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Please feel free to contact your regional chairperson
Blue – Carol Thomason at
Orange – Gail Albers at
Green – Susan Graening at
Red – Patrice Smith at
Canadian Province Coordinator – Linda Boughton at
Or Chapter Challenge Committee Chairman - Karen Blair at