Knowledge that Goes the Distance

Most people who have travelled to other countries will say that it was an experience that changed their perspective, their understanding, and their lives; which is exactly what Cottey students say. We know you can learn as much from the experience, maybe even more, than from all the books you'd read in class.

That's why travelling abroad is built in to your Cottey experience. Every second-year Cottey student spends a part of the spring semester in some part of the world. In 2009 it was Italy. In 2010 it was England. In 2011 it was France.  In 2012 it was Spain.  In 2013 it was Rome and Florence, Italy. In March 2014, Cottey students will journey to London, England.

And it won't cost you much extra - except for things like meals… and all those souvenirs you buy!

Each trip includes planned experiences that develop your knowledge of the country and the culture. In Italy, for example, students visited museums, palaces, cycled the Tuscan countryside, toured Roman ruins, and got a glimpse of Rome underground. There's also lots of time built in to go off exploring on your own or with friends. And then there's the food and shopping; there's always plenty of time for that.

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