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Student Employment Application

  • This is a work program and you will be expected to perform assigned duties in a mature and responsible manner under the direction of a supervisor. 
  • If you accept a job, you are expected to continue employment for the academic year.  If you decide to resign your position, you must give a two week written notice.  Any student employee who quits a job during the semester may not get another job that semester.
  • Some positions may require morning, evening and/or weekend hours. 
  • You must provide your supervisor with a copy of your class schedule each semester.  And, if your schedule changes, you must provide an updated schedule.
  • If you have been awarded Campus Employment or Federal Work Study as part of your financial aid package, you have been awarded a certain amount of money.  You can earn up to that amount but may not exceed that amount.  If you do not work enough to earn the full amount, the College is not responsible for making up any deficit.
  • Student employees are paid once a month, on or around the 15th of the month, for the hours worked during that pay period.  Time sheets must be turned in to the financial aid office every Monday. 

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