P.E.O. Hall



Hall Director

Abby Shelton

Abby SheltonHi, my name is Abby Shelton. I am the PEO Hall Director and I’m from Galena, Kansas.  I came to Cottey in December of 2017, so this is my second year as a hall director.  Along with being a hall director I am also in charge of the Intramural program. I am also in nursing school at Crowder College here in Nevada. I have two cats – Monica and Rachel.  Joey, the family dog, is at home. I am so thankful to be here and hope to make an impact on these ladies’ lives.

Resident Assistants

Miranda Owens

Dance major from Rostrenen, France
Miranda Owens
Is a senior RA, having been a RA last year.  She is from France and grew up in both England and France.  She is a dancer and her mother was a Cottey alum, making her a legacy. She is majoring in psychology with an Associate in Fine Arts in Dance.  She really enjoys music, art and medicinal botany.

Eyerusalem (Jerry) Teffera

Eyerusalem (Jerry) TefferaIs a first year RA and lives in Cal-Remy suite on the second floor.  She is a second year student from Ethiopia.

Tiffany Winter

Tiffany WinterIs from Florida and this is her first year as an RA.  She lives in Missouri Suite on the first floor.  She has attended Culinary School and worked as a Chef before coming to Cottey.  Her sister attended Cottey, making her a legacy.