Reeves Hall



Hall Director

Heather-Renee Gooch

I’m Heather-Reneé Gooch and I am from Saint Louis, MO, which explains my love for Cardinals Baseball & Blues Hockey. Even though I have degrees in Sociology and Psychology from Southwest Baptist University, I take a class or two on campus because there is always more to learn! This is my fifth year as Hall Director in Reeves Hall, and if you drop by my apartment, you’ll get to meet Alice Binx – my rescue cat who loves students. My favorite part about working at Cottey is the way I am able to serve students. It is a great experience to see you all grow in confidence and competence during your educational career.

Resident Assistants

Whitli Thomas

Health Sciences major from Rich Hill, Missouri
Favorite thing about Cottey: I like that we’re small, but we also have so many opportunities. Cottey has a family-like feel without compromising my chances for success in my future career.
Fiction place she has always dreamed of visiting: Hogwarts, duh.
Dream dinner party guests: Freddie Mercury, Dave Grohl, the rest of the Foo Fighters, all of the Chili Peppers (including Frusciante), every member of The Eagles, Melissa McCarthy and absolutely anyone else that wants to wander in. My party wouldn’t be so much a dinner party as it would be a block party! 
Things on her Bucket List: See the Foo Fighters live, see the Northern Lights, and make a genuine difference in someone’s life … among other things
Person she admires: I admire my Mom. She is a very patient and understanding person.

Shelby Hudson

Shelby Hudson
Environmental Studies major from Shawnee, Kansas
Person she admires: Eleanor Roosevelt, because she was intelligent, worried about the welfare of others and did not let the positon of First Lady keep her quiet.
Book that made a lasting impression: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
Things on her Bucket List: Have a pet goat, road trip to every National Park, volunteer abroad.
What her friends say about her: That she gives good advice.
Fictional place she has always dreamed of visiting: The Ravenclaw Common Room.
Cottey is the first and only place I applied to and it is still the best decision I ever made! I always have tea and am always willing to chat. I can also diagnose and solve your plant problems!

Celestine Ooko

Celestine Ooko
Health Sciences major from Nairobi, Kenya
Things on her Bucket List: Travel to Australia, Asia and South America; skydive, visit the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.
What her friends say about her: She is kind, polite and gentle.
Fictional place she has always dreamed of visiting: City of the Living Dead
TV Show that she could watch over and over: Prison Break and Scandal
Song that always makes her happy: “You Are Me” by Alaine
Favorite Cottey food: Peach Cobbler