Class Traditions



Each class at Cottey has a number of special traditions. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, you’ll have the chance to get involved and represent your class proudly.

Baby Blue

Adopted by the freshman class as its color. First-year students will wear baby blue articles of clothing and accessories to signify their allegiance.

Campus Work Day

A day set aside in the spring to revitalize the campus.


Senior class emblem imprinted on sweatshirts and items passed down from class to class. FYI, at Cottey, the second-year students are called seniors because in the early years, the College had grade school and high school programs. The students in the junior college were called juniors and seniors. In 1967, many years after the grade school and high school were closed, the juniors became freshmen.


Freshman class emblem imprinted on sweatshirts and other items.

fcc Days

Kind of a welcome to freshman who are treated to a serenade and other activities.

Meet the Suites

The residence hall officers organize “Meet the Suites” in their respective residence halls for the freshmen to meet the seniors in the various suites.


A passdown is any object that is passed down from year to year to be worn, displayed, or used in any fashion. Passdowns are not only pieces of living history but serve to give encouragement and faith in living the Cottey experience.

Senior Skip

Jackets, sweatshirts, ducks, and other memorabilia are passed from one class to the other on this day.


The four societies are Alphan, Delphian, Emerson, and Magnoperian. In the early days of the College, the societies were organized as literary groups whose members read and discussed great works of literature. Later, the societies were used as a way to divide teams for intramural sports. Today the Inter-Society Council, made up of representatives of each society, coordinates campus events such as Signing of the Cottey Book, Formal Drawing, and Hanging of the Greens. Each society also participates in a volunteer service project and its own fund-raising and recognition activities.


Shorthand for secret pal. In each hall seniors draw a freshman’s name. Then, like secret Santa, your secret pal leaves friendly and encouraging notes using a code name they’ve selected i.e. Peanut Butter and Jelly or Gumby and Pokey. It’s up to the senior to decide at which point in the year she will reveal her identity.

Quad-C Week

Acronym for “Cottey College Community Chest,” a week of fun activities organized by Rotaract (a campus organization affiliated with Rotary International) to raise money for selected charities.