Transfer Applicants


Transfer Admission

Transfer applicants will be admitted unconditionally if a 2.0 GPA has been earned for a minimum of 12 semester hours of college-level work (excluding remedial courses) from a regionally accredited college or university after completion of high school or receiving GED. Apply online.

Transfer Financial Aid

Transfer students may be eligible for up to $10,000 per year and members of Phi Theta Kappa can receive an additional $1,000! Receive an unofficial transcript evaluation from our registrar when you email your transcript (official or unofficial) to

Transferring In

Cottey is proud of its articulation agreements with
Crowder College
Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City
Ozarks Technical Community College
North Central Missouri College
Northwest Arkansas Community College

Transferring Out

The Kolderie Center offers a variety of resources for graduate school selection and career placement.

Transfer Applicants

Cottey College welcomes transfer applicants to study for their associate or baccalaureate degrees.

NOTE: Cottey College will accept no more than 75 hours from other institutions toward a degree, based on the requirement that 32 hours be earned at Cottey for an associate degree and that 45 hours must be earned at Cottey for the baccalaureate degree.

No grade of “C-“ or lower will be accepted as transfer credit. Transfer students who have been academically dismissed from a previous institution must seek special permission from the vice president for enrollment management to be considered for admission to Cottey College.

Transfer applicants will have their transcripts evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Transfer students must take all courses listed as graduation requirements.

Transfer applicants will be admitted unconditionally to Cottey College as transfer students if the following criteria have been met:

  1. The applicant has earned a minimum of 12 semester hours of college-level work (excluding remedial courses) from a regionally accredited college or university after completion of high school or receiving GED and
  2. The applicant has achieved a 2.00 G.P.A. or higher on all college-level work.

Transfer applicants with 11 or fewer transferable credits from a regionally accredited college or university will have the admission decision based on a combination of secondary and post-secondary transcripts, plus test scores. Students will need to:

  1. Submit all official college or university transcripts; including any courses taken for college credit while in high school and all credits taken after completion of high school
  2. Submit final high school transcript showing graduation date, and
  3. Submit ACT/SAT scores.

Students with a cumulative college GPA of 1.6 – 1.9 will be submitted to the Admissions Committee for an admission decision. Students with a transfer GPA of less than 1.6 will not be admitted.

Transfer Credit

Transfer students are welcome at Cottey College, and the College will make every effort to see that all transferable credit is accepted. Final determination of transfer credits to be accepted is made by the registrar, subject to approval by the vice president for academic affairs in consultation with the appropriate faculty. Transfer work from other institutions will not be officially credited to the Cottey College record until the student has enrolled at Cottey College. Official transcripts must be received directly from all colleges and universities attended. Credits may be accepted for transfer if these criteria are met:

  1. The institution at which the credits were earned is accredited by a regional accrediting association.
  2. Credit hours taken at another institution may be transferred to Cottey only if the grade earned is a C or above. Courses from another institution in which a grade of “C-” or lower was earned are not acceptable for transfer credit.
  3. Credits earned while enrolled in high school (dual enrollment) may be accepted in transfer and may be used for fulfilling degree requirements. However, a student who wishes to transfer College Writing courses must meet the following guidelines:
    1. To receive transfer equivalency for Cottey’s ENG101 College Writing 1, a student must also present a score of 25 or higher on the ACT English Test or a score of 570 or higher on the Writing portion of the SAT Reasoning Test. If the class was taken on a college campus, then an official letter from the college or university confirming that the course was taught on its campus.
    2. To receive transfer equivalency for Cottey’s ENG102 College Writing 2, a student must document that the course was completed after completion of the high school diploma or on a college campus. This requires an official letter from the college or university confirming that the course was taught on its campus.
    3. To appeal transfer of College Writing courses, a student should complete a petition request and submit the course syllabus and all graded writing assignments to the Office of Academic Records by October 1. The petition and any attachments will be forwarded to the English department for evaluation.

Credit is transferred on a course-by-course basis, when the subject matter applies to Cottey’s degree programs. In some cases courses with subjects that do not match the curriculum for the degree may be transferred as elective credit. Transfer credits accepted by Cottey College are not calculated in the student’s Cottey College grade point average (GPA). Cottey College awards credits in semester credit hours. Quarter hours will be converted into semester credit hours at the rate of two-thirds of a semester credit hour per quarter hour.

Single Sex Admission Policy

Cottey's admission policy is consistent with board policy and is consistent with state and federal law, and specifically informed by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which allows for single-sex admission policies in institutions of higher education that have historically served women. This policy affirms Cottey's proud historical tradition as a women's college and its legacy of providing a community specifically designed for women.

As a historically women's college, Cottey considers for admission those applicants who indicate a legally-assigned sex of female on their application. Cottey applies the same admission standards and criteria to all applicants. In reviewing applications, Cottey performs a holistic assessment using GPA, test scores, recommendations, activities, goals, and character. Overall, we seek to admit students whose interests and aspirations match the opportunities provided by Cottey and who will contribute to Cottey's unique educational environment.

With regard to admission, Cottey relies upon the information provided by each student applicant. Applicants who indicate a legally assigned sex of female are considered for admission. In cases where supporting documentation does not reflect an applicant's legally assigned female sex, Cottey may request additional information.