The Comets are coached by Stephanie Beason. They play their home games in Hinkhouse Center Gymnasium.


2017-2018 Basketball

Basketball Schedule 2018-2019

10/13/2018The Courts JamboreeSpringfield, MOTBA
10/27/2018Harris-Stowe State UniversitySt. Louis, MO1:00
11/2/2018Clarke University Dubuque, IA5:00
11/3/2018GracelandDubuque, IA1:00
11/7/2018St. Mary UniversityNevada, MO5:30
11/10/2018Bellevue UniversityBellevue, NE4:00
11/14/2018Evangel UniversityNevada, MO6:00
11/20/2018Rhema Bible CollegeBroken Arrow, OK4:00
11/27/2018Bellevue UniversityNevada, MO5:30
12/3/2018St. Mary UniversityLeavenworth, KSTBA
12/8/2018Harris-Stowe UniversityNevada, MO3:00
12/18/2018Rhema Bible CollegeNevada, MO5:00
1/6/2019Lincoln CollegeLincoln, IL2:00
1/8/2019College of the OzarksNevada, MO6:00
1/20/2019Lincoln CollegeNevada, MO2:00
1/23/2019Haskell Indian Nation UniversityNevada, MOTBA
1/30/2019Haskell Indian Nation UniversityLawrence, KS5:30
2/8/2019Florida National UniversityMiami, FL6:00
2/9/2019Florida National UniversityMiami, FL12:00
2/13/2019College of the OzarksPoint Lookout, MO6:00
2/16/2019Haskell Indian Nation UniversityNevada, MO5:30

Interested in playing for the Comets?

Send us your information. Print, fill out, and mail in the Basketball Interest Form (PDF) to coach Stephanie Beason. Or, you can give Coach Beason a call at 417-667-8181, ext. 2237, or e-mail