Volleyball Signees



Signees for the 2017-2018 Season

Returning Players

Returning players Lily Brockus, Allyson Williams, Maddy Hibdon and Logan Lamb signed on Valentine’s Day

Sierra Baker

Sierra Baker from Hillcrest High School in Springfield, MO

Hana Kellenberger

Hana Kellenberger from Muriel Battle High School in Columbia, MO

Mackenzie Green


Mackenzie Green from De Soto, KS (De Soto High School).

Mackenzie is currently in Honor Roll, Ambassadors and Mentors program, The Madrigals Music club, and letterer in Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, and Bowling. Mackenzie will be bringing some talent as a setter. Her club coach describes her as one who is easy to train, and has a knack for reading the right spot to set the ball up.

“When she came to campus for a visit, I also saw the talent and relaxed but confident disposition she exhibited when she was in the setters position. Mackenzie’s team made it to Regionals in volleyball, as well as being an avid bowler for her high school, and making it to Regionals two years running for her bowling team.” –Coach Kannady

Anna Walley


Anna Walley from Adrian, MO.

Geneva McGrath


Rhandi Pendergraft


Signing is Rhandi Pendergraft from Cassville High School in Cassville, MO

Emily Killion


Emily Killion MH from Wheaton High School