Robertson Hall



Hall Director

Blaklee Sanders

Hey everyone, my name is Blaklee Sanders and I am the new Robertson Hall Director. I am so excited to be back in the hall where I began my journey as a student. I grew up in Arkansas and Kansas, but I have spent the last six years on Cottey’s campus as a student and staff member. I look forward to another great year of working alongside the strong women that make Cottey College who she is. I’m inspired by getting to watch leaders evolve and find their voices. Along with being a full-time Hall Director, I work with the basketball program on campus as the Director of Basketball Operations and Assistant Coach. I cannot wait to see what this year brings and the memories that these young women will make along the way.

Resident Assistants

Macey Holland

Macey Holland
English major, International Relations minor from Mountain Home, Idaho
Something she believes everyone should try at least once: Spend time learning a foreign language and then going to where the language is spoken. It’s such a life-changing thing and you find out how different learning is from immersing yourself in it.
Person she admires: My Grandmother. Not only did she raise 7 kids, she also decided at about 50 years old that she wanted to go into Nursing – so she did! Then she worked as a missionary in the Philippines!
TV show that she could watch over and over: Call the Midwife… not that I already do 😉
Favorite Cottey food: Apple Dumplings
Things on her Bucket List: I want to visit Nepal, spend a day as a shepherd, and see the Northern Lights. Not necessarily in that order.
I am a really big history and linguistic fan. If people want to bond with me, historical facts make great ice breakers.

Yustinah Ndambakuwa

Yustinah Ndambakuwa
Health Sciences major from Harare, Zimbabwe
Favorite thing about Cottey: Suite Life, Emphasis on Leadership.
Movie that made a lasting impression on her: Hidden Figures
Things on her Bucket List: Visit United Arab Emirates, visit all 7 continents, join philanthropic groups
What her friends would say about her: Caring, peaceful.
Movie that she could watch over and over: The Good Dinosaur
Person she admires: I admire Strive Masiyiwa, because he has done his best to help the poor.

Kundai Matara

Kundai Matara
Business Administration and Management major from Harare, Zimbabwe
Person she admires: My mother, because she is the strongest woman I know.
Dream dinner party guests: Michelle Obama, Indra Nooyi and Ursula Burns.
Favorite television shows: Friends, Blackish and Dr. Ken.
What her friends would say about her: Very inclusive, always has an opinion and loves travelling.
Favorite Cottey food: Peach cobbler with ice cream.
I feel like a sister to my residents and am always up for an interesting conversation!